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Perofil: men's pajamas and underwear

In the world of men's underwear and pajamas, few brands manage to combine elegance, comfort and quality like Perofil . Founded on a tradition of excellence and innovation, Perofil offers a range of products that not only meet men's daily needs, but also elevate their personal style. In this article we will explore the wide variety of items offered by Perofil, from underwear to pajamas, from boxers to handkerchiefs, discovering why each product of the brand is synonymous with quality superior.

Perofil: history of the brand

The history of Perofil begins in the heart of Italy more than a hundred years ago , when its founder decided to propose the industrial production of men's handkerchiefs. Until then, in fact, handkerchiefs were sewn handmade and homemade by women, mainly using old sheets that were cut and hemmed. At the time it was an unusual choice, but it proved successful for the company, so much so that production soon also moved to the sphere of underwear, pajamas and socks.

Today the centennial tradition of Made in Italy of the Perofil brand joins productions with a more modern design, providing products of high value, quality, comfort and wearability thanks to the use of high-performance fabrics and yarns. To date, the company belongs to the Italian group CSP International Fashion Group. A company that has now become an international point of reference for underwear and which for Perofil has decided to maintain the originality of the design in the socks, pajamas, handkerchiefs and in the home clothing line.

The best products of the Perofil brand

The secret of Perofil's success lies in its ability to offer a diversified range of products span> that meet the needs of every man. From everyday underwear to nightwear, each piece is carefully crafted, using quality materials high quality and cutting-edge production techniques. Here is an overview of the prominent products that have consolidated Perofil's reputation in the market.

Perofil Pajamas

I Perofil pajamas they are the symbol of relaxation without sacrificing style. Made with soft and breathable fabrics, they offer maximum comfort during the night. The variety of designs ranges from classic to modern, ensuring that every man can find the perfect pajamas for his preferences. With cuts that flatter the body without tightening or constricting, Perofil pajamas are ideal for a night of deep and restorative rest.

Among Perofil's pajamas, the short serafino and poplin pajamas 100% pure cotton. We are talking about a short-sleeved item with a solid color t-shirt, 3 logged buttons and a breast pocket decorated with the same pattern as the poplin cotton shorts with multicolor vertical stripes.

Another model worth mentioning is the Perofil pajamas open forward in cotton poplin and, that is, in resistant cotton. The model is imaginative and has a blue check on a light blue shirt background and plain blue trousers with accompanying buttons. Always striped and open, Perofil has created various open pajamas next for the warmer seasons. But there is also no shortage of soft and warm pajamas also for the winter seasons.

Among the Perofil spring / summer pyjamas there is also another short model also in cotton 100%. These pajamas have a crew neck knit design and 3 plain buttons. The shorts, then, are sporty and short at knee height.

Returning to the fresh and comfortable striped pattern of the spring / summer collection, long lisle pajamas. Among the features there is the finishing with 3 buttons and the stripes are horizontal and multicoloured.

Always with long sleeves but in fresh 100% jersey cotton there is also the Lancaster model. The shirt has a delicate pistachio color and is combined with long blue trousers, combining liveliness and elegance in the design.

Perofil boxers and briefs

In the everyday underwear category, Perofil boxers and briefs stand out for their ergonomic design and first choice materials. Using fabrics such as soft cotton and lisle, these undergarments ensure a comfortable fit and adequate support without irritation. The thoughtful design also considers aesthetics, offering a range of colors and patterns that suit both conservative and bold styles.

Perofil briefs are available in various shades and in stretch cotton such as Match series. These briefs are anatomical, softly enveloping and with ultra-flat anti-irritation and anti-chafing seams.

Then there is the slip series Perofil 4Season  which is characterized by the elastic edge in soft microfibre and which is fresh but also able to support without compressing. The line Perofil Active, then, is a medium anatomical brief in stretch lisle. Also in this case the fabric is fresh and anti-chafing.

Always in lisle, the Sportivo line is a must for Perofil men's underwear. These briefs are made of shiny ultrafine lisle jersey and have the characteristic of being very resistant and unshrinkable.

The X-Touch line of Perofil briefs, however, has a push up effect and is made of soft stretch modal jersey. This line is highly appreciated for its innovation with covered elastic and for its modern and exclusive design. The fabric is 100% natural and comes from the cell extracted from beech wood, making it 100% biodegradable.

Moving on to the best Perofil box lines we cannot fail to talk about the line 4Seasons push-up short and its soft and enveloping lines with a push up effect and the shell folded inside without seams in direct contact with the skin.

Always for the box lines, the Perofil Active is an anatomical push up short in stretch lisle with ultra-flat seams, cool and doubled at the front for effective support.

The x-Touch line, then, promises soft, modern, innovative and push up Perofil boxers. Also in this case the fabric derives from cellulose extracted from beech wood and also has 10% elastane.

Finally, the Perofil boxers in pure yarn-dyed cotton poplin are timeless. Let's talk about the Gange line: the most suitable for those who love the classic style and a free and natural fit. Fresh and light, the poplin fabric satisfies the shirting taste and is made with mercerized and sanforized yarns.

Perofil men's tank tops

The Perofil men's tank tops are an excellent example of functionality that meets fashion. Designed to be worn under shirts and sweaters or alone in the warmer months, these tank tops are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics. They are ideal for keeping the body dry and cool, while offering a smooth and defined silhouette.

The Perofil men's underwear line has also created beautiful T-shirt and briefs sets. For example the limited edition of pinstripe model in cornflower blue is really very elegant.

For the warmer season, among the best lines is Active in Scottish lisle with V-neck T-shirt. Very simple and with a fabric that exudes brilliance and freshness, this shirt is very youthful, dynamic and ideal for lovers of modern cuts. For those who prefer roundneck, don't worry because it is also possible to find a T-shirt in this variant in Scottish lisle. With a V-neck, the line is also very comfortable Match 2 made of jersey cotton.

But not just T-Shirts, because Perofil has also created a very comfortable shoulder tank top narrow in Scottish lisle. Ultrafine, shiny, soft, resistant and fresh, this tank top has the advantage of not having side seams to make it much more comfortable under any clothing.

And for the winter? The V+ neck sweater 50% wool, 45% pure cotton and 5% pure silk</ span> is the most suitable for having a pleasant sensation of warmth and comfort.

Perofil men's socks and lisle

The Perofil stockings are not just an accessory, but an essential element that speaks of style and comfort. Made with Scottish lisle, known for its strength and softness, these socks are designed to last while maintaining vibrant colors and shape. Available in a variety of styles, from classic to bold, Perofil socks are perfectly suited to any occasion.

The variations of Perofil stockings and socks can be made of cotton or cashmere to be used both in summer and winter.

Perofil really has many models of stockings and socks< /span>: impossible not to find the most suitable ones for every situation, event or day.

Perofil handkerchiefs

Last, but not least, Perofil handkerchiefs they offer a touch of classic elegance. After all, the history of Perofil originates from the production of men's handkerchiefs.

They are the perfect accessory for men who appreciate refined details. Made from lovable fabrics, these handkerchiefs combine functionality with sophisticated style, available in different textures and patterns.

For example, the line with rolled hem of Perofil handkerchiefs is made of pure cotton, it can be purchased in a pack of three  and is available in different patterns  characterized by a colored background and side bands.

Perofil men's underwear: advice and combinations

Choosing the right underwear is not just a matter of comfort; it's also a style statement. Perofil, with its wide range of underwear offers options that can be easily combined for any occasion.

For an office look, you can opt for the Perofil briefs in Scottish thread which ensure comfort under tailored suits. For weekends or recreational activities, the lightweight cotton boxers are perfect under jeans or track pants. The tank tops, available in various colors, can be paired with almost any outfit, ensuring that comfort never compromises style.

And for that extra touch of class, don't forget a Perofil handkerchief, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to a blazer or jacket.

Why choose Perofil products?

Superior quality: each Perofil product is made with high quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and comfort.</ span>

Tradition and innovation: With a history spanning decades, Perofil has continued to innovate while maintaining fidelity to tradition Italian in fashion.

Versatility: from casual to elegant, Perofil offers products that adapt to any style or occasion.

Comfort and style: Perofil proves that you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Their products are designed to offer both.

Customer Satisfaction: Perofil's commitment to customer satisfaction and attention to detail is reflected in every article it produces.

In conclusion, Perofil is not just a brand; it is a symbol of elegance, comfort and uncompromising quality. Whether it's revamping your underwear drawer or searching for the perfect pajamas, Perofil offers products every man should consider. Choosing Perofil means choosing the best for yourself, every day.

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