Baby blankets and shawl in wool a fundamental element for the newborn layette. The best offers on Corredoitaliano.com

If your baby is born in late autumn or winter, then the wool blanket cannot be missing in his layette! The blanket is not only useful for sheltering the newborn from the cold, or at bedtime, but it is a very important garment to wrap it in a sweet warmth when you hold it in your arms, even better if coordinated with the onesie and hat! The wool covers exist in various sizes, there are those for pram and baby bed. Once the cover was made by skilled hands of grandmothers and mothers who knew how to crochet and knit, but today There are covers available which, for motif and design, follow the best craftsmanship. We at Corredo Italiano® we select only the best blankets, which are of great quality and made with artisanal methods, both in wool and mixed wool, with relief workings and particular textures such as the typical braid work that cannot be missing in a layette. But on our webstore the choice is wide and we also offer modern textures in our assortment with smooth and non-embossed workings for mothers who prefer a simpler style!

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