In the age of frenzy, technology, the avant-garde, with our rushed, accelerated, stressful life, it is difficult to dedicate the - too little - free time to domestic life ... let alone rearranging the bedrooms!< /p>

A heroic feat for the few, considered more than anything else a handful of heroes and adventurers!

In almost all cases, the problem looms over the mothers who, at least in cases where they carry out the arduous task of (almost desperate) housewives, fight to get their husbands and children to find the house and the bedrooms rearranged.

The mothers and grandmothers of the past, for the nostalgic of times gone by, went out of their way to make us find everything perfect!

Today, when we are slaves of time (but are we sure that the day lasts 24 hours?) and of our thousand commitments that we cannot and do not want to give up, fortunately, the evolution of the house comes towards us bringing to the fore new ways of furnishing, especially the bed, in a practical, fast and above all satisfactory way for one's sight and one's satisfaction!

In the vast range of innovative, practical yet beautiful products, a particular note goes to to duvet-cover set: an item of bed linen that until a few years ago was practically unknown to most people (unless that one did not live in the countries of Northern Europe/America where, instead, it is a "must").

In fact the idea behind the duvet cover is absolutely brilliant it is nothing more than a sack (yes, you read it right!) made with a sheet that has a opening on one side (generally the one that goes towards the headboard of the bed) that can be closed with buttons or a simple internal fold where you can insert a duvet of the weight and quality you want.

The immediate advantage that derives from an item of linen such as a duvet cover is the fact that it becomes very simple to make the bed, no more folding up the blankets, having to air them out to give them freshness... simply before running off towards your daily commitments, you take it to one side, pull the inner duvet to spread it again on the surface of the bed "et voilà" everything is done again!!!

But that's not all, its maintenance is also very simple. Let's think about how many times you are forced to go to the laundry room to wash quilts/blankets. The duvet cover solves this problem! Just remove the duvet from the inside and wash it in the washing machine like any sheet, saving time and money!!!

And again, the duvet cover is also a panacea for those who love to often change the patterns of the textiles on their bed, choosing different colors/patterns and fabrics whenever they want.

Our webstore Corredo Italiano® offers a wide range of duvet cover sets for each bed size for adults, but at the same time the little ones are not forgotten by offering duvet set for the cradle and duvet cover set with bumpers for the cot with bars.

Finally, we remind you that with the duvet cover sets it is possible to use internal duvets of the most varied types and sizes (goose down / feathers / microfiber), also offered on our webstore in the duvets category.

In short, the duvet cover set is an excellent way to make the environment of your bedroom always different and in the latest fashion.

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