The hours of night rest are essential for the well-being of the body as accumulated toxins are eliminated during sleep and our body is recharged with energy in order to be able to face daily commitments in an optimal way.

If the physiological postural structure of the body depends on the bed bases, mattresses and pillows suitable for one's constitution, it is the duvet or in our case the duvet bed that is responsible for providing the pleasant sensation of warmth necessary for sleeping (and therefore resting) good.

Real feather duvets

Unlike cotton, hemp, cellulose or synthetic materials, bird feathers (mainly goose) represent an ideal choice both for the performance offered and for the excellent quality/price ratio.</ p>

Thanks to its hygroscopic and thermoregulatory characteristics, the double duvet is able to ensure unique requirements as regards the body's thermal well-being.

A product of this kind works like a real heat shield which, by filtering the body temperature, regulates the external one allowing a calibrated transfer of thermal energy.

The hygroscopic function of an Italian duvet consists in the ability to absorb the humidity naturally produced by the body, letting it evaporate towards the outside and creating a pleasant, dry and comfortable microclimate.

The nature of the constituents of the duvet creates an internal air cushion responsible for the thermoregulatory function, insulating the body from the external environment and allowing a homogeneous diffusion of heat.

Regarding thermal insulation, it emerged that goose down offers 100% higher performance than that of synthetic fibres.

Another advantageous feature of these devices for the bedroom is the defense against mites that they are able to guarantee; in fact, the parasites are unable to nest among the goose feathers and are therefore eliminated.

Goose down favors the creation of a clean and moisture-free environment, two factors incompatible with the survival of insect pests.

Considered the best ally for those suffering from allergic disorders, the goose down owes its characteristics to the thermo-hygienic treatments to which the feathers are subjected before packaging the padding.

During the manufacturing process, the biological material for the padding usually undergoes improved sanitation procedures, according to rigorous standards.

The last requirement of these duvets is lightness, which can be related to the type of padding; as a consequence it is possible to use thermally insulating, enveloping and particularly warm, but also very light products.

Microfiber duvets

Duvets with microfiber padding are remarkably light since their materials have a very low specific weight.

Depending on their thickness, they can adapt perfectly to the thermal conditions of the different seasons: if in spring it is advisable to opt for models of 100 grams per square meter of surface, when temperatures drop it is useful to choose products weighing 200 or even 350 grams per square meter.

Complemented by a double duvet cover that keeps it clean by defending it from dust, a product of this kind is perfect if you want to save on costs.

By purchasing microfibre duvets you can also count on an excellent quality/price ratio, you can find some examples on our webstore at duvets department.

Even these products are packaged with anti-mite and hypoallergenic materials, as well as being easily machine washable and quick to dry.

Provided they correspond to excellent quality standards, duvets of this kind are made with selected raw materials capable of creating real "air cells" responsible for a beneficial insulating and insulating effect.

After repeated washing, the polyester microfiber duvets remain unchanged, without decreasing their thickness or even modifying the surface.

A limitation of these products is related to the hygroscopicity which is lower than goose down because they are able to capture a more limited amount of relative humidity produced by the body during sleep.

Furthermore, the use of synthetic padding may not be tolerated by allergic subjects, particularly sensitive to the presence of artificial fibers in contact with the skin.

Scientific research has analyzed the micro-structure of the components of these duvets, revealing in some cases the presence of traces of insecticides probably used to eliminate infesting microorganisms.

These pathogens nest easily on synthetic fibers, thanks to their composition favorable to the life cycle of animals.

For those looking for a four-season solution, the perfect choice is a double quilt that does not require the use of a duvet cover and offers good thermal guarantees.

Versatile, cheap, easily washable, microfiber duvets can be considered an excellent alternative to goose down duvets, among these we point out the model Tech from our Corredo Italiano® line.

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