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Satin - pure cotton satin double bed sheet set...

Satin - pure cotton satin double bed sheet set by Corredo Italiano®

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Elegant set of double bed sheets in 100% pure cotton satin with silk finishing of 80 threads per cmq.

The Satin item is enhanced with a delicate day stitch along the top of the sheet and on the triple ruffle pillowcases.

Measurements: top sheet 270x300 cm - bottom sheet with corners 180x200x30 cm - 2 pillowcases with tri-fold ruffles 52x82 cm.

The Corredo Italiano® Satin model is like all our items with our brand, an expression of love and passion for the enhancement of Made in Italy.

Trying to untangle the labyrinth of bedroom textile proposals can be a very difficult undertaking!

Young brides know this well, and when faced with the dilemma "better the classic trousseau or the modern taste" seem to have quite clear ideas ... better the modern !!! ... but then at the moment of the choice, the market offers many fabrics, colors and patterns to be mandarted iin tilt !!!

BUT then what to do?!?

In the meanders of the modern you can really get lost, yet even there there is the solution, a timeless style that makes everyone happy (brides, mothers and why not even grandmothers) the solid color sheet !!!

And so we at Corredo Italiano® have thought of combining the classic of fabrics, pure cotton satin, with a clean and modern workmanship, hemstitch on the pillowcases and on the upper edge of the sheet.

And this is how the set of double sheets in satin satin, 100% pure cotton, is born, with a natural sheen and a lot of softness, sober and elegant but at the same time versatile and perfectly in harmony with the latest fashion furnishings.

What to wait then?

Even shades are not a problem because Corredo Italiano® has also thought of this by offering a wide range of colors and shades that will satisfy every taste and need.

Product designed, woven and packaged in Italy.

Textile composition:
100% Cotton
Top sheet
270x300 cm
Under sheet
180x200x30 cm
Pillow cases
52x82 cm
Corredo Italiano®
Made in Italy

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