Important differences between cradle and cot

What is the difference between crib and cot?

We found some confusion on the subject and we hope this post helps to clarify!

Let's take a closer look at the differences.

The term 'cot' means the stroller / baby carrier and the typical dimensions are:

for the sheets: above 90x120 cm - under sheet with corners 35x75 + 15 cm (where 15 cm are the side bands) - pillowcase 30x40 cm

for the covers: 70x90 cm or 80x100 cm

for duvets / quilts (without bumpers): approx. 75x95 cm

There are newly marketed products, mostly defined as 'baskets' which have smaller dimensions than the cradle, mainly as regards the mattress.

In this regard, it is possible to choose the 'next to me' products that meet the specific need: top sheet 90x115 cm - fitted sheets 51x85x6 cm - pillowcase 30x40 cm.

By 'cot', on the other hand, we mean the baby bed defined in common language also cradle with sides / large cradle / cot bed depending on the geographical area The dimensions are as follows and may vary by a few centimeters depending on the manufacturer.

for the sheets: above 120x180 cm - under sheet with corners 60x130x15 cm - pillow case: 40x60 cm

for the covers: 145x95 cm

for duvets / quilts (both with bumpers): 120x160 cm - bumpers 45x180 cm or 90x130 cm with bumpers 40x180 cm

It is good to keep in mind that the measures and dimensions indicated refer to Italian standards for cots / cots marketed and produced by the major companies in the sector.

Many foreign companies that produce the accessories (cradles, cots) simultaneously propose their own textiles (sheets, covers, duvets) as the dimensions do not correspond to the Italian standard measures.

With this clarification we hope to answer the numerous questions that are frequently asked: it cannot be found in an article produced according to Italian standards that is perfectly suited to cots / cots of these types.

In that case it will unfortunately be necessary to contact the same brand as the complement.

If you need further information or have any doubts you can contact us at wapp number 3791751222 or send an email to, we will be happy to help you!

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