How to Dress a Newborn in the First Days of Life in Summer

Choosing the right clothing for babies during the summer months can be challenging, as it is essential to keep them cool and comfortable without exposing them to the risk of heatstroke or dehydration. Here are some practical tips on how to dress a newborn in summer and protect them from the heat, with the most suitable outfits, fabrics, and garments!

How to Dress a Newborn in the First Days of Life in Summer?

Our baby is born in the middle of summer, and here comes the crucial question: how to dress a newborn in summer? With extreme heat peaks and heatwaves lasting for days, and considering that babies cannot express what they feel, the question is more than justified.

However, there are some ways to understand if the baby is suffering from the heat or is comfortable. If we ask ourselves how to dress a newborn in the first days of life in summer, we must first notice whether the baby is sweating or not.

Pay attention to if they sweat a lot on their head, if heat rashes appear on their body, or if they get prickly heat, which afflicts many babies. Also, an overheated newborn does not rest well, is irritable, and might seek the breast more frequently to quench their thirst.

We must understand that although babies do not yet have a fully developed thermoregulation system, it is not necessary to always cover them excessively. Especially when figuring out how to dress newborns in summer, because excessive warmth can worsen the situation. It is better to opt for light, easily removable layers, so you can remove layers if the baby sweats.

During the summer, it is preferable to dress newborns in two-piece rompers or bodysuits, garments that are as simple and quick as possible to take off and put back on according to the temperature. When the heat becomes intense, use light, fresh, and natural fabrics like linen or cotton. Choose breathable materials that allow air to circulate and prevent the baby from overheating and sweating excessively.

Dressing the newborn in light clothes is crucial. Bodysuits, short-sleeved rompers, and playsuits are ideal for hot days. These garments offer minimal but sufficient protection, allowing good air circulation.

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer

How to Dress Newborns in Summer: Our Tips

To understand how to dress a newborn in summer, we must consider that it requires attention and care to ensure their comfort and safety. Dressing a newborn in summer can seem complicated due to high temperatures and their sensitive skin.

Here are some useful rules to follow:

  • Check the baby's body temperature by touching their chest or nape to understand if they need more or fewer clothes.
  • Dress the baby in layers, adding or removing garments as needed.
  • Prefer clothes made of light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen.
  • Avoid clothing made of synthetic fibers, which are not very breathable and can cause sweating, irritating the baby's delicate skin.
  • Consider the temperature of the environment, whether indoors or outdoors, to understand if more or fewer clothes are needed for the baby.

It is crucial to choose clothes that keep the baby cool and protected from the sun. Clearly, clothing changes depending on where the baby is, whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, in every situation, it is necessary to know what to dress your baby in and what to have on hand to avoid being unprepared for unexpected events.

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer for Going Out

In summer, the desire to go out and walk by the sea, in the mountains, or simply in city parks becomes more urgent, especially to start introducing the little one to the outside world. However, the summer heat and sun can be exhausting for both adults and babies, who deserve protection and appropriate clothing.

To understand how to dress newborns in summer, first rely on light, fresh, and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Preparing the baby for a summer outing means preferring short rompers and summer dresses, choosing models that are not only delightful and colorful but also functional for the newborn's comfort and well-being.

You can opt for short-sleeved cotton rompers or two-piece outfits made from a fabric that is unparalleled for freshness and gentleness on the baby's sensitive skin. For the little one's feet, choose lightweight, breathable cotton socks.

To complete the baby's summer outfit, you can add sweet little hats, precious allies for protecting babies from the sun's rays and preventing their very delicate skin from getting sunburned. In case of particularly windy days, it is useful to have a light blanket on hand to cover the baby in the stroller or in your arms if needed.

How to Dress a Newborn in Summer at Home

How to dress a newborn in summer if staying at home? In this case, it is preferable to opt for comfortable and practical outfits such as bodysuits, complete and open, making shoes unnecessary so the baby is more comfortable and free to move.

Cotton bodysuits are a must-have for parents, combining softness, comfort, practicality, and durability. Cotton, in fact, is a natural hypoallergenic fiber that is extremely gentle on the sensitive skin of newborns, able to avoid irritation and skin rashes, especially when the baby sweats.

Additionally, cotton is a material that easily adapts to movements without breaking or tearing, highly resistant even to frequent washing and high temperatures. This is a feature not to be underestimated, given that babies tend to get dirty frequently throughout the day, even when staying at home. Therefore, it is a great idea to stock up on cotton bodysuits that are perfect for the summer period but can also be used in other seasons, under rompers and dresses.

Even when staying at home, it is important to always have cotton blankets for newborns available, very useful for covering the baby when the air conditioning or ventilation is on, preventing them from getting cold while resting or being rocked or nursed.

In the summer period, even the baby's nightwear should be lightened. Two-piece baby pajamas and cotton bodysuits are preferable for nighttime, along with cotton sheet sets that make nights cooler and more pleasant.

The Best Clothes for a Newborn's Summer Outfit

To choose how to dress newborns in summer, you can opt for a beautiful newborn layette, complete with everything needed for the baby during outings in this season, such as essential bodysuits, rompers, pajamas, blankets, and hats. Among the Le Chicche newborn layettes, you will find everything necessary!

An essential item in the newborn's summer wardrobe is the bodysuit, useful because it protects from the heat by isolating the baby and keeping their skin dry and cool. The options to prefer for the summer clothing of newborns are whole and open short-sleeved bodysuits, made of cotton or linen, the lightest yet protective fabrics.

Rompers, playsuits, and short dresses are other must-have items for babies' summer outfits. Cotton rompers, whether whole or two-piece, are very comfortable garments that are highly useful during this hot period. In the Stella brand newborn clothing and Nazareno Gabrielli clothing, you can find sweet cotton rompers, in two pieces or whole.

The Nazareno Gabrielli playsuit is an elegant short-sleeved garment for boys, in 100% cotton jersey, ideal for walks with mom and dad both during the day and on warm summer evenings. The delightful model in natural tones features a collar and bordered sleeves, with lovely blue buttons as an embellishment.

For girls, the Nazareno Gabrielli short-sleeved playsuit with floral decorations is adorable for the first outings in summer. Made of pure cotton, the bicolor white and plum garment features a bordered collar and a cute central bow.

The two-piece outfit from Le Chicche is a must-have for boys' summer outfits! The short-sleeved shirt and shorts are made of pure cotton. The shirt features a fish print and buttons, while the shorts are solid light blue.

Girls can enjoy the Stella linen and cotton playsuit for the most romantic and elegant occasions. The dress is made of cotton on the top and linen on the bottom. The perfect mix to ensure freshness and comfort for the little ones. The model has an elegant pure linen collar, while the central part is enriched with hand-sewn roses and Valenciennes lace with trimming.

Le Chicche offers girls a lovely two-piece cotton playsuit, in a linen-cotton blend with a small daisy and flower pattern. The shirt has a romantic and elegant ruffled collar, while the central dungaree piece features delicate white and pink striped patterns.

During the summer season, it is preferable to lighten even the nightwear of newborns. You can opt for two-piece pajamas or whole short-sleeved bodysuits, in cool cotton or linen. Even the fabrics used for the baby's crib and stroller can be lightened, choosing, for example, cotton sheet sets. The Bruco Bruco brand offers everything needed for the baby's crib and stroller, with quality sheet and blanket sets to always carry with you during summer days.

As a summer blanket, the Le Chicche crib blanket is ideal for the cot or stroller, made of soft cotton jersey to use in spring and summer. The blanket is made in a cheerful peach pink color, enriched with a lovely watercolor patterned fabric at the top and a beautiful central bow.

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