When it comes to classic, especially in household linen, there is a great tendency to generalize considering the product as 'out of fashion', 'heavy', too rich in decorations, practically from other times.

Preferring a blanket, a bedspread or any article for the master bedroom with essential lines, without decorations, without embroidery, leads people to think that it is more modern and 'light'.

In a very broad sense, it may be true, but it is equally true that minimalism sometimes means flattening ... you must always have an overview of things!

The tendency to mix classic and modern elements for example always works!

If you have a very modern room, a bed with a minimalist headboard, you can for example dust off your mother's (or grandmother's) old bedspread as long as, of course, the colors do not clash rather than harmonize the environment.

Classic very often means precious.

The bedspread in the photo (strictly made in Italy) has a particular process that gives shine and is made on a jacquard structure with trimmings on the edges.

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